Custom Machining

Montana Machine Commercial Drill Press"Precision Machining for Any Size Job!"

Creating custom hardware for your project's requirements.
We will precision mill, cut and thread all materials to your specific job specifications. Montana Machine and Fabrication has the capability to create custom parts, bolts, pipes and caps to fit your project perfectly.

Our custom machining facility utilizes state-of-the-industry equipment to produce superior results from 1/16” to 9” bores. Our lathes are capable of producing up to 120” centers. Our 100 ton vertical hydraulic press is suitable for the heaviest commercial jobs! We will custom mill, cut and thread parts to work with existing thread patterns, connections, hoses and pipes.

Montana Machine and Fabrication

Montana Machine and Fabrication turns your problem into a solution! Precision equipment combined with experienced and talented operators that understand perfection in machining is not an option, but a requirement for each and every project!
Manufacturing and Threading for:  Plates • Nuts & Bolts • Pipes & Caps


Montana Machine and Fabrication

Photo Gallery

View some of our large-scale fabrication work in our photo gallery!